Learn together how Jesus transforms the everyday lives of broken, burnt out and bored people.

How You Can Grow

Enjoy the Real Jesus
The gospel changes everything. Who Jesus is and what he has done is good news for our lives. With Jesus, we can be real about our brokenness, our religious burn out, and our boredom with churchy lives.

At Matthew's Table Church, you'll find two primary opportunities to grow in your relationship with the real Jesus beyond the gathering:
1. Missional Community
2. Fight Clubs
Missional Community
Follow Jesus, make deep friendships, and bring good news to one another and our city.
Grow with Others
Learn to follow Jesus in a gospel FAMILY doing real life together with real people.
Gain Purpose
Learn to use your gifts and personality to bring good news on the MISSION of Jesus with your MC.
Give to Others
Learn to SERVE our city in the power and name of Jesus together with your MC.
Need help finding an MC to try out?
Try Out an MC
Let us help you connect with an MC and try it out!
MCs are a great way to try out Matthew's Table Church
Fight Clubs
Gender-specific triads for growing deep.
Grow in understanding and applying God's Word in gender-specific triads. In Fight Clubs, we point one another to Jesus and learn to fight sin and suffer together.
Connect with a Fight Club
Let us help you connect with a Fight Club!
Fight Clubs help you connect and grow deep.