Following the Real Jesus transforms life. Real life comes through life on life, life in community and life on mission together. Experience real life in a small group known as a missional community.
We believe the Real Jesus comes to transform our everyday and not just our Sundays. So for us, church is more than a meeting. A missional community is a family of servant missionaries sent to make disciples who make disciples among a particular group of people as we recreate, eat, listen and celebrate together.
This MC has been a presence in the Blythe/Oldfield community for several years. Their regular, and inviting, Family Meals are known by everyone who lives in this neighborhood! In an area known for a level of poverty, drug affliction, and brokenness; this MC strives to be a foretaste of the Kingdom of God. With houses needing to be restored, many residents needing yards to be mowed regularly, a community garden to be tended, and the endless opportunities that come through many personal relationships; there is no shortage of tangible ways to serve!
This is a relatively new MC, on mission to: the neighborhood (Historic District) around the park and visitors/regulars to the park, while also inviting students from nearby campus to join them on mission. In this season the MC is focused on growing in living out their family identity together, looking for ways to serve one another and others, and to make connections and relationships during our regular Family Meals at Deer Park. We hope to see relationships made now, transition with us to the next season of sharing our stories and going through the Story of God together!
Deer Park
This MC has spent time in the community- both by being a presence at the park outside of Stuart Elementary for their regular Family Meals and by being known as servants to the students and faculty/staff of the elementary school with every chance they get! In this season, they are praying and seeking deeper personal relationships with their common mission field and asking how they might use their gifts/abilities/talents (especially related to arts & language) to be a blessing and to see that happen. They are discussing obstacles & opportunities as they are prayerfully planning for the next season of MC!
Stuart Park
This MC has all the excitement of being new as they are "re-launching" with many of the same folks and in the same location where many past Family Meals have taken place; but with different leadership, new faces, and a fresh desire and commitment to discern the Common Mission that God is calling them to engage. Join them as they lay the foundation for this MC by starting with the Gospel, the identities they've been given by the Gospel, and prayerfully pursuing their Common Mission and how that will shape their regular rhythms and practices in seasons to come!
Magnolia Ave
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