A place for the broken, burnt out, and bored to enjoy the Real Jesus in Cleveland TN.

Sunday Gathering, 10am
Experience the Real Jesus. Meet real people. Discover next steps for real growth.
Join us Sundays @ 10am

Blythe Family Support Center
1075 Blythe Avenue SE, Cleveland, TN 37311
Behind 9th St SE and Wildwood Ave SE
The Broken
The Real Jesus says to the broken, “It's okay to not be okay, but you don't have to stay that way."
The Burnt Out
The Real Jesus says to the burnt out, “Following me isn't mainly about rules to be followed, but a joy to be found. Not only can I save you, but I can satisfy you."
The Bored
The Real Jesus says to the bored, “I've come to change your everyday, not just your Sundays."
Watch an introduction to Matthew’s Table Church.