Daily Spiritual Rhythms

Bring meaning to the current COVID-19 Disruption

1. Start the day in quiet prayer and scripture.

Start the day in quiet prayer and scripture reading before anything digital, like Instagram, or the news, or television. If you have kids, ideally this will be before they wake up. Simply start the day in quiet with God.

2. Create a gratitude ritual.

Draw your attention to the things for which you are grateful. Perhaps you write them down each morning, or share with your family or friends around the dinner table or with a missional community or Fight Club.

3. Exercise or go for a walk.

If at all possible, while maintaining proper social distancing, exercise or go for a walk through your neighborhood. God has wonderfully made you so you don't have a body, but you are a body. Engage your body as part of your communion with God.

4. Pursue one good hobby.

Choose a hobby or activity to grow and develop. As you focus on a good hobby, you silence distractions from the outside world. This can be gardening, woodworking, cooking, reading, art, chess, playing an instrument, etc.

5. Connect with someone close to you everyday.

Establish a relational touch point with a close friend, family member, or someone from our church community (missional community or Fight Club). Be proactive and initiate. This is a time to draw closer in relationships, through the benefit of technology, not grow more distant.

6. Limit intake of news.

The news cycle moves at a rapid pace, but our internal tempo is not meant to live at that speed. Limit your intake to two times daily—once in the morning and once in the evening. Stick to credible sources like the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, or local updates from the State of Tennessee.

7. Limit screen time and over-indulgence.

It's easy to over-indulge in escapist behaviors and melt into a screen. Don't mindlessly reach for "the fix." Find ways to limit your intake of things like social media, television, hours of streaming, staying up late, etc. Fill your time with some of the rhythms and practices outlined on this page.

8. 3x a Day Prayer + Prayer and Fasting on Tuesdays.

Each day, kneel and pray at morning, midday, and night. Set reminders on your phone to structure your day around abiding in Jesus. Historically called a fixed hour of prayer, this is a practical way to keep in step with the Spirit and maintain a posture of prayer.

We feel lead to pray and fast during this time of fear and anxiety. We're asking Jesus to turn this crisis into an opportunity to bring renewal to our hearts and revival to our world. Join us by praying and fasting each Tuesday through breakfast and lunch.

9. Online community during the week.

Stay connected with Matthew's Table Church. Join our live stream on Sundays at 10:30am (website or via Facebook). Connect with a missional community and Fight Club. Make a commitment and show up ready to care for one another. Choose a digital platform that works for everyone…

10. Sabbath and online worship.

Keep your routine to practice Sabbath, or to start one for the first time. And gather with us online every Sunday (through our website or via Facebook) as we worship together through song, prayer and the teaching of scripture.
These are taken and adapted from Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR.