We're here to live life together as we learn to follow Jesus everyday.
Sunday Gatherings
Join us for a Sunday Gathering, 4:30pm
1075 Blythe Ave. SE,
Cleveland, TN 37311 [map].

Experience Missional Community Life.
• Blythe/Oldfield MC (Rusty Langford 423-667-8424)
• Families of Crisis Pregnancy MC (Cody Bain 706-618-9927)

Missional Community
A family of missionary servants.
You will find the love of a gospel family, the joy of serving and being served, and the purpose of an unfailing mission for the good of Cleveland.
We believe the Real Jesus comes to transform our everyday and not just our Sundays. So for us, church is more than a meeting. A missional community is a family of servant missionaries sent to make disciples who make disciples among a particular group of people as we recreate, eat, listen and celebrate together. We have 2 missional communities that would love for you join them in some fashion. For information about the Blythe/Oldfield MC contact Rusty Langford @ 423-667-8424 or [email protected] For information about the Families of Crisis Pregnancy MC contact Cody Bain @ 706-618-9927.
Help bring more joy to Cleveland
We are a family sent to serve our city. Cleveland is full of beauty and brokeness. Our hope is to come alongside the city, to serve, and ask Jesus to transform and restore beauty where there is brokenness.
Grab a Coffee
Share your story.
We love to listen to the stories of real people—the beauty and the broken. Grab a coffee with Rusty or Cassie and give us the opportunity to hear your story and share more about Matthew’s Table.
As we begin, we know you'll have questions about who we are, why we're how, and what life looks if you connect with Matthew's Table. While you're always welcome to join a family meal, we know sharing a casual cup of coffee is a comfortable way to start.
Email Rusty to setup a time to chat over coffee.
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